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Revelation Outline
Revelation 2:7

7 He who has an 1aear, let him hear what the 2bSpirit says to the 3churches. To him who 4covercomes, to him I will give to 5deat of the 6etree of life, which is in the 7fParadise of God.

73 On one hand, each of the seven epistles is the Lord's word to a particular church, but on the other hand, it is the Spirit's word to all the churches. Every church needed to give heed not only to the epistle written to her particularly but also to all the epistles written to the other churches. This implies that all the churches, as the Lord's testimony in the Spirit, should be the same.

Since the Spirit today is speaking to the churches, we must be in the churches to be rightly positioned to hear the Spirit's speaking. Otherwise, how could we hear?