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Revelation Outline
Revelation 2:1

1 1To the messenger of the church in 2aEphesus write: These things says 3He who 4holds the bseven stars in His right hand, He who 4walks in the cmidst of the dseven golden lampstands:

14 The messengers of the churches, the spiritual ones, signified by the shining stars, who bear the testimony of Jesus, are held in the right hand of the Lord, and the Lord is walking in the midst of the churches, signified by the seven golden lampstands. What a wonderful scene! On one hand, the Lord is sitting at the right hand of God, as our High Priest interceding for us, the churches (Heb. 7:25); on the other hand, He is holding the messengers of the churches and is walking in the midst of the churches to care for them.