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Ephesians Outline
Ephesians 4:8

8 Therefore the Scripture says, "Having aascended to the 1height, He led captive 2those taken captive and gave 3bgifts to men.''

81 Height in the quotation from Psa. 68:18 refers to Mount Zion (Psa. 68:15-16), which symbolizes the third heaven, where God dwells (1 Kings 8:30). Psalm 68 implies that it was in the ark that God ascended to Mount Zion after the ark had won the victory. Verse 1 of Psa. 68 is taken from Num. 10:35. This indicates that the background of Psa. 68 is God's move in the tabernacle with the ark as its center. Wherever the ark, a type of Christ, went, the victory was won. Eventually, this ark ascended triumphantly to the top of Mount Zion. This portrays how Christ won the victory and ascended triumphantly to the heavens.