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Ephesians Outline
Ephesians 3:16

16 1That He would grant you, according to the 2ariches of His glory, to be 3bstrengthened with 4cpower through His 5Spirit 6into the dinner man,

161 In vv. 16-19 the word that is used four times in the apostle's prayer: the apostle prayed that the Father would grant us to be strengthened; the result of such a strengthening is that Christ makes His home in our hearts; the result of Christ's making His home in our hearts is that we are full of strength to apprehend the dimensions of Christ — the breadth, length, height, and depth — and to know the knowledge-surpassing love of Christ; and the result of this apprehending and this knowing is that we are filled unto all the fullness of God. These steps make up a metabolic process by which the Body of Christ is constituted with the riches of Christ through our enjoyment of those riches.