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Ephesians Outline
Ephesians 2:11

11 Therefore remember that once you, the aGentiles in the flesh, those who are called 1buncircumcision by that which is called ccircumcision in the flesh made by hands,

111 The man whom God created to fulfill His purpose was pure, without sin or any kind of negative mixture. However, sin, the evil nature of Satan, entered into man through the fall. First, it caused man's body to become the flesh, full of lusts, and eventually, it made the whole being of man the flesh. Hence, man was damaged and was thus prevented from fulfilling God's purpose. Then God came in to call a race — Abraham and his descendants — out of fallen mankind. For the accomplishing of His purpose, God commanded them to be circumcised, that is, to put away their flesh. This meant that they were separated from fallen mankind and delivered out of the fallen condition. Circumcision made a tremendous distinction between them and the rest of mankind. The circumcised people were called "the circumcision," those who were separated from the fallen situation. The rest of mankind was called "the uncircumcision," those who remained in the fallen state. These were the Gentiles in the flesh. We were in this category before we were in Christ.