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Galatians Outline
Galatians 3:16

16 But ato Abraham were the bpromises spoken and cto his seed. He does not say, "And to the seeds,'' as concerning many, but as concerning one: "And to your dseed,'' who is 1eChrist.

161 Christ is the seed, and the seed is the heir who inherits the promises. Here, Christ is the unique seed who inherits the promises. Hence, in order to inherit the promised blessing, we must be one with Christ. Outside of Him we cannot inherit the promises given by God to Abraham. In God's eyes Abraham has only one seed, that is, Christ. We must be in Him that we may participate in the promises given to Abraham. He is not only the seed who inherits the promises but also the blessing of the promises to be inherited by us. For the Galatian believers to turn back from Christ to the law meant that they would forfeit both the Heir and the inheritance of the promises.