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Romans Outline
Romans 12:6

6 And having 1agifts that differ according to the bgrace given to us, whether 2cprophecy, let us prophesy according to the dproportion of faith;

62 To prophesy is to speak for God and to speak forth God under His direct revelation. Prediction may be included in prophecy, but it is not the main aspect of the prophecy mentioned here. Prophesying brings in God's revelation for the building up of the church, the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 14:4b). These three — prophecy, teaching (v. 7), and exhortation (v. 8) — are related and coordinate with one another. The one who prophesies speaks what he has received as a direct revelation from God. The one who teaches instructs others, not based on direct revelation but based on what the prophets have spoken. He who exhorts does so according to both the direct speaking under God's revelation and the teaching that is according to this revelation. These three kinds of speaking are for the building up of the Body. They minister the life supply to the saints that they may grow together by God's word.