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Romans Outline
Romans 1:2

2 1Which He promised 2beforehand through His prophets in the 3holy Scriptures,

23 The Greek words hagios, hagiosune, hagiazo, and hagiasmos, used in this book, are of the same root, which fundamentally means separated, set apart. Hagios is translated holy in v. 2; 5:5; 7:12; 9:1; 11:16; 12:1; 14:17; 15:13, 16; 16:16, and saints in v. 7; 8:27; 12:13; 15:25, 26, 31; 16:15. Hagiosune is translated holiness in v. 4. Hagiazo is a verb used as a participle and is translated sanctified in 15:16. Hagiasmos is translated sanctification in 6:19, 22. Hence, to be holy is to be separated, set apart (to God). The saints are the separated ones, the ones set apart (to God). Holiness is the nature and quality of being holy. Sanctification (to God) is the practical effect, the character in activity, and the consummate state produced by being sanctified.