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Matthew Outline
Matthew 9:14

14 aThen the bdisciples of John came to Him, saying, 1Why do we and the Pharisees 2cfast 3much, but Your ddisciples do 4not fast?

141 Verses 10-13 record the Lord's dealing with the question from the Pharisees, who were of the old religion. Here in vv. 14-17 the Lord dealt with the problem of John's disciples, who were of the new religion. John the Baptist had dropped the old religion and had begun his ministry in the wilderness, outside religion. (See notes 12 and 41 in ch. 3.) However, after a short time his disciples formed a new religion that frustrated people from enjoying Christ, just as the Pharisees of the old religion had done. John the Baptist's ministry was to introduce people to Christ that Christ might become their Redeemer, their life, and their all. However, some of John's disciples drifted away from his goal, Christ, to some of his practices, and made those practices a religion. To be religious is to do something for God, without Christ. To do anything, even if it is scriptural and fundamental, without the presence of Christ is to be religious. Both John's disciples, who were of the new religion, and the Pharisees, who were of the old religion, fasted much, but without Christ. Meanwhile, they condemned the disciples of Christ, who did not fast but had Christ with them and lived in His presence.