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Acts Outline
Acts 5:31

31 This One God has 1aexalted to His bright hand as 2Leader and cSavior, to 3give 4drepentance to Israel and eforgiveness of sins.

312 Or, Prince; the same Greek word as for Author in 3:15. See note 1 there. God exalted the man Jesus, who had been rejected and killed by the Jewish leaders, as the highest Leader, the Prince, the Ruler of the kings to rule over the world (Rev. 1:5; 19:16), and the Savior to save God's chosen people. Leader is related to His authority, and Savior to His salvation. He rules sovereignly over the earth with His authority that the environment might be fit for God's chosen people to receive His salvation (cf. 17:26-27; John 17:2).