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John Outline
John 21:23

23 This word therefore went out among the brothers, that that disciple would not die, yet Jesus did not say to him that he would not die, but, If I want him to remain until I 1come, what is that to you?

231 The span of what is covered in the last two chapters of this Gospel is broad. It begins with the discovery of the Lord's resurrection and ends with His coming back. Between these two events are all the matters related to the Christian life during the church age: seeking the Lord with love toward Him; seeing the Lord in resurrection; receiving the revelation of the issue of the Lord's resurrection — that His Father is our Father and we are His brothers — by experiencing His manifestation; meeting with the believers to enjoy the Lord's presence; having the Lord breathe the Holy Spirit into us, and being sent by the Lord with His commission and authority to represent Him; learning how to live by faith in the Lord and trust in Him for our daily living; loving the Lord, the natural strength having been dealt with; shepherding the flock for the building of the church; practicing the Lord's invisible presence, with some following the Lord even unto death to glorify God, not by self-will but according to His leading, and some living until He comes back.