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John Outline
John 21:22

22 Jesus said to him, If I want him to aremain until I 1bcome, what is that to you? You 1cfollow Me.

221 The Lord was there with the disciples. How then could He say " ... until I come"? Since He was there, He did not need to come. If He meant that He would leave them and later come back to them, how could He say to them, "Follow Me"? How could they follow Him? The answer to all these questions is related to His invisible presence. In His visible presence He would leave and come back later. But in His invisible presence He would be with them all the time. On one hand, He would be with them, and on the other hand, He would be away from them. So, on one hand, they could follow Him, and on the other hand, they would have to wait for His coming back.

After His resurrection the Lord remained with the disciples for forty days (Acts 1:3-4) in order to train them to realize, practice, and live by His invisible presence. In v. 23 the Lord indicated that some of His believers would follow Him unto death, and that some would remain, i.e., live until He comes.