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John Outline
John 21:9

9 Then when they got out onto the land, they saw a fire of coals laid there, and 1afish lying on it and bbread.

91 Here the Lord trained Peter to have faith in Him for his living. Peter and those with him had fished the entire night but had caught nothing. Then, according to the Lord's word they cast the net, and they caught an abundance of fish. But without these fish, and even on land, where there were no fish, the Lord prepared fish and even bread for the disciples. This too was a miracle! By this the Lord trained them to realize that without His leading, even if they should go to the sea, where the fish were, at night, the right time for fishing, they would catch nothing; but if they followed the Lord's leading, even on land, where there were no fish, the Lord could provide fish for them. Though they caught many fish according to the Lord's word, the Lord would not use these fish to feed them. This was a real lesson to Peter. For his living he needed to believe in the Lord, who calls things not being as being (Rom. 4:17).