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John Outline
John 20:1

1 aNow on the 1bfirst cday of the week, Mary the Magdalene 2came early to the tomb while it was yet dark and saw the stone taken away from the tomb.

12 The Lord's resurrection had been accomplished, but the discovery of it required the disciples' seeking in love toward the Lord. It was thus that Mary the Magdalene discovered it and obtained the fresh manifestation of the Lord and the revelation of the issue of His resurrection: that His Father is the Father of those who believe into Him, and that those who believe into Him are His brothers (v. 17; see notes 172 and 173). Peter and John only knew of the discovery; Mary obtained the experience. The brothers were satisfied with having faith in the fact of the Lord's resurrection, but the sister went further and sought the resurrected Lord Himself, i.e., the personal experience of the Lord. The Lord was there all the time, but He was not manifested until v. 16.